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Announcing increased security for our Visa credit cards!

Address Change

Please keep the Credit Union in mind if you have moved.

Information About Overdrafts

What you need to know about our Policy on Debit Card Overdrafts.

Ask Us About Swipe-N-Save

PFCU is proud to offer a special service for our Debit Cardholders called Swipe-N-Save!

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Phone scams

Be very cautious of phone calls that you receive that ask for your personal information over the phone such as social security number, bank account number or a credit card number. There is currently an IRS phone scam that just happened in Stanley, ND. They claim they are with the IRS and try to get personal information over the phone. Also in ND there has been a phishing scam going around where people received calls that their MasterCard has been blocked, asking that they hit 1 to unblock. If they hit 1, the system prompts them to input their card number. There also has been a report of a call from the US Treasury. Be cautious and do not give out personal information over the phone.