Heartbleed Security Vulnerability

In April, 2014, the National Cyber Awareness System announced the discovery of a security vulnerability affecting software using the web encryption technology “OpenSSL.” Our online banking program does use this technology, and we have been notified by our data processor that the problem was evaluated and promptly fixed and that the situation is continuing to be monitored. However, it is strongly recommended that all online banking users delete all cookies and change their passwords as soon as possible, just as a precaution. To change your password in Credit Union Connect, simply log in and click Change Password under the Options tab. To delete all cookies on your computer, go into Internet Options. Under Browsing History, click the Delete button. A window will come up showing everything you can choose to delete, make sure "Cookies and website data" is checked and click Delete. Feel free to call (701) 837-5353 and ask for Lanna or Lavonne if you have any questions.