All CU Services & Products
Here is a complete list of our great services and products.

Personal & Installment Loans
Take a look at the wide variety of personal and installment loans we offer our members. They include various terms and conditions and very competitive rates.

Call Chris, Brian or Maria for pre-approval to make your purchase even easier.

Real Estate Loans
We offer a variety of real estate loans with competitive rates and fees at a minimum.

Put the equity of your home to work for you. Use your loan for many other purchases, such as home improvements.

To help protect your finances in case of death, disability, or accident we offer various insurance products.

From regular savings accounts to money market bonus accounts, Prairie Federal Credit Union has a savings account to fit your needs.

We also offer a variety of IRA options for future needs.

Share Draft Checking Accounts
Need a checking account? Look no further!

IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
Let us help you achieve your retirement goals.

Voice Response
Our Voice Response service allows you the opportunity to call the credit union any time, day or night, seven days a week.

Online Services
Save time and money by signing up for our convenient electronic services.

Prairie Federal Visa Credit Card
Try our low interest Visa card with hometown service.

Visa Credit Card Purchase Verification
If you receive a call from our fraud-detection agency to verify purchases made on your Visa Credit Card, you can call the number listed below to get further information:


Lost or Stolen Cards
If you have a lost or stolen Visa Credit Card or MasterCard Debit/ATM Card it should be reported as soon as possible. If we are not open at the time, please call the appropriate number:

Visa Credit Cards: 1-800-991-4965

MasterCard Debit/ATM Cards: 1-800-528-2273 (International Cardholders call 812-647-9794)

If you use either of the after-hours numbers listed above, please also be sure call our office on the next business day so that a replacement card can be ordered.

MasterCard Debit/ATM Card Phone Numbers
To activate a new card call 866-619-0245.

To change your PIN call 877-265-9594.

*Keep in mind that you must call from the phone number you have on file with us in order to activate a card or change a PIN.

Member Business Loans
As a response to the many requests we have received for small business loans, PFCU is happy to now offer various types of business and agricultural loans. Please call and talk to Chris for more information.

Money Pass
We have added the Moneypass Network to our Prairie Federal Credit Union ATM Cards. What does this mean for you? Whenever you go to an ATM that supports the Moneypass network you will receive a surcharge free transaction. As always there will be a $1 pass through fee for every ATM withdrawal, but the fee that the ATM would normally charge you will be waived. If you use a Prairie Federal ATM card in our lobby ATM machine there will be no fees! Moneypass has an app for your Smartphone and a website with an ATM locator to assist you in finding an ATM with the Moneypass network when you are traveling. You can find the Moneypass website if you go to the Links tab at the top of the page on our website. Our credit union has a list of local financial institutions that also participate with this Network, so feel free to call today for locations nearest to you. You can also call Prairie Federal with any questions concerning this new feature that has been added to your ATM card. If you are interested in starting an ATM card stop in and any of our tellers will be able to assist you.